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The Clova Winter

Restless, wild-haired, 25-year-old Clova is masterful at shifting into animal bodies and into other timeframes - anything more stimulating than the peaceful forest community in which she was raised 5,000 years ago. But 21st-century pickup trucks move pretty fast, with little regard for adventurous wildlife, and after Clova finds herself falling for the veterinarian who fixes her broken owl wing, she can't just sit by while he's falsely accused of murdering a snowmobiler on his Black Hills ranch. How many of her own community's taboos will Clova be willing to break when it comes to saving the man who saved her?

Writers guild of america registration number 2134871

Rock art found
in the Black Hills of South Dakota,
thought to be carved during the Archaic period between 10,000 and 2,000 BCE, showing a human figure partially transformed into a deer. Or vice versa ...


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